Real Human Hair Extensions

At last women can have hair extensions without spending a lot of money and time in a hair salon. If you are afraid of hair damage, now there is a clip in hair extension that can give you the ‘celebrity look’ without all of the worries and prices of bonded or sewn in hair extensions. Carol’s clip-in hair extensions are not only made of 100% high quality human hair, they are do it yourself and totally reusable. Each set  of clip in hair extensions comes with simple instructions.

Have you always wanted longer hair but have shied away from the harmful side effects gluing or sewing-in hair extensions can do to your hair? If so, Clip-Ins by Carol may be the solution you need. Our Clip in Human Hair Extensions are gentle to your existing hair and can easily be removed. Best of all, they can be added and removed by the wearer; eliminating the need to have costly hair extension placement and removal salon visits.

Available in a variety of colors, there are Clip-Ins by Carol, Human Hair Extensions suitable for every hair color and hair type. People with fine hair will appreciate the added body and volume each set of Clip in Extensions create, while those with thicker hair will enjoy having the added length our 4” – 9” sections provide. Our Real Hair Extensions are available in 11 fabulous shades, perfect for those looking to wear their natural color or try something new.

A Complete Set of Human Hair Extensions
Each set of hair extensions is made using 100% human hair. Customers order a set, in their chosen shade, which contains the following:

– One 9 inch section with 5 clips,
– Five 6 inch section with 4 clips,
– One 4 inch section  with 3 clips,
– Two 1 inch testers with no clips

While hair section widths can vary, all hair extension pieces measure an 18” length.

How Clip-Ins by Carol’s Hair Extensions Work
Using Carol’s proprietary special hair clips, each clip is designed to be easily applied, removed and stay securely in place. After hair has been combed and sectioned, wearers will want to attach the bottom sections first. Clip-Ins by Carol are made to snap onto the roots of the hair, allowing each extension to lay flat and follow the natural direction of the hair. Once the back of the hair has been completed, the sides and front can be attached.

After attaching hair, to create a customized hair design, the side and temple hair extensions can be trimmed and styled to your liking. Because Clip-Ins by Carol’s hair extensions lay flat against your head and match your own hair color, no one will be able to tell you are wearing hair extensions. Hair can be styled for the day and when done, the extensions can be removed and stored until their next use.

Do They Hurt?
One of the most common complaints about hair extensions is the discomfort they cause. Usually, this relates to the attachment and installation process of traditional hair extensions. Carol’s hair extensions are removable, and once they are attached to your hair, are designed with the client in mind. Metal clips are coated in polymer so there is no metal ever touching your head. This allows for all-day wear without the discomfort of having hair braided, stitched, pulled or glued. Once you try Clip-Ins by Carol, there is no need to ever go back to traditional hair extensions. You will be that satisfied!